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This site is dedicated primarily to my hobbies of metal detecting and woodworking.

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Bar token found at Kilkenny, MN pop. 134
Back side of bar token, Le Center, MN
Penny converted to Disney Jungle Cruise token. Found at Fertile, MN
1. Heart pendant from city park, Leota, MN 2. Blazing Blades Hockey Tournament pin, 94-95, found at Hardwick, MN, 3. Token from Mall of American found at Adrian, MN 4. Girls Volleyball 1st place medallion, Fulda Invitational 1993 found at Adrian, MN, 5. $1 James Buchanan coin found at Alpha, MN. 6. 2011-12 dog tag found at Luverne Memorial Park
2 sets of like design earrings found at Alpha, MN. pop. 116
Sterling silver bracelet- Renville, MN 2014
Silver ring found Trosky, MN pop. 84
Maisto-Ford 350 Super Duty Pickup-2002-Tonka Tractor Supply/// Unknown /// Porsche Cayman S Hotwheels
Mattel, Inc Hotwheels 1982 - Found at Ashton, IA city park
Mountain Lake, MN parks. Mattel 1986 Hotwheels, Gold pendant-Oriental chars./ 1956-D Wheat cent
2013 Metal Detecting Finds
Baggage Tag Milwaukee-St. Paul Railway, Wang Twnsp, Renville, Co., MN
1945 Mercury Dime- Renville Co. West School grounds
1945 Merc. Dime found in coin purse. 6" deep
1899 Indianhead cent - Holloway, MN
1899 Indianhead cent-reverse side
Ford Mustang --Rice Park, Willmar, MN
E. Ingraham Co., Bristol, Connecticut
E, Ingraham Co., Bristol, Connecticut
Ingersoll Watch circa 1925
Ingersoll Watch circa 1925
 2012 Metal Detecting finds

1890 Indian Head cent- Wang Township- 2012
1897 Indianhead cent- Wang Twnsp. 2012
Silver Brooch - Bird Island, Minn 2012
1939 Mercury Dime-Wakeman, Ohio 2012
Benson, MN football field 2012
Norwalk, Ohio Jaycees Park
Silver Ring - Clara City, MN 2012
3 dollar coin in one hole-Tucson, AZ 2012
1902 Barber Dime - Heron Lake, MN 2012
Off road vehicle - New Ulm, MN 2012
23c gold plated Pokemon card-Okabena, MN

 I had gotten a flyer in the mail from a metal detecting business in the north Dallas-Ft Worth suburb of North Richland Hills in early 2002 . I checked out the business and ended up purchasing a White's DFX metal detector, a high end general use metal detector.   MD is the buzz word for Metal Detecting and a person who partakes in the hobby is an MD'er and the actions one takes is called MD-ing.

I started my first day MD-ing on May 6th, 2002 where I was living near Springtown, Texas. Found a quarter and a penny in the front yard. By the time 2002 came to a close, I had picked up 2,971 coins from the ground and a few rings and other artifacts.

As of  Aug 5, 2014  the accumulated coin count is at 22,687 with a face value of $2,061.16

Coins have been picked up in over 400 zip codes and 23 states.