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Bjorsell Park, Willmar, MN May 10, 2005

The picture at the left is my 5 minutes of fame ! !  I was metal detecting in a small neighborhood park (Bjorsell Park) in Willmar, Minnesota when a man in a small red car stopped and asked if he could take my picture.   It turned out he was Bill Zimmer, a photographer with the West Central Tribune, a large regional newspaper based out of Willmar.  The picture appeared the following day(May 11, 2005) on page 5.

Summer 2005, Maynard, MN


The 8 silver coins at left were found in a grassy area west of the end zone/running track at the MACCRAY football field at Maynard. The walking liberty half dollar (1943D) is one of my favorites and was my first Walking Liberty Half that I had found.   Found a 1934 quarter & a 1920 wheat penny in same area in 2006.

Almost went all of 2005 without picking up any $1 coins and then I found three in one day at McLeod County West school at Stewart, Minnesota. Two Sacajawea's and one Susan B. Anthony. Also found 20 quarters, 19 dimes and 11 pennies, including 2 wheaties (1956d & 1957d) which are in picture at left.

The 1st four silver rings were found near the Willmar High School/Civic Center Complex, the site of the annual Sonshine Christian Music Festival in July. The silver ring on the right was found at the school at Olivia, Minnesota. The area around Willmar High School has been a fertile coin retrieval area as I have picked up between 900 - 1,000 coins in 2004 and 2005.

Finds at McLeod County West High School 2005
Silver Rings 2005


Medallion found at an elementary school in Appleton, Minnesota in 2005.   The medallion was issued at the Pan American Exposition at Buffalo, NY in 1901.   The Vermont Machine Company made cream separators among their products.   Shows both sides at left.  Click on image to enlarge.   Found one in pristine condition on the internet, that someone was selling for $75.





The bracelet was found in a city park in Appleton, Minnesota.   It has the name of a woman engraved in it.   There was only one family in Appleton with the same last name as the engraved name and they did not know the woman whose name is engraved on it.   Looks to be a handmade, custom made bracelet.

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1944 Penny, 1971 Two Pence, 50 Centavos(Philippines), 25 Sentimos(Portugal)
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